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How to Choose a Reliable Photographer

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

A wedding event, is a once in a lifetime event. So if you are going to choose a photographer to take pictures during the event, be sure to choose a professionally trained photographer. Here are some tips on how to pick a reliable photographer for the all-important event.

1) Sample photographs.

Portfolio assessment is the first thing you should do. Usually, photographers use a website to help promote their services. You can always log on to the site and view some sample photographs. Good photographers know how to capture perfectly natural moments. They should also know how to set people at ease so that the pictures come out looking more natural. You can tell just by looking at the photographs whether the photographer is a skilled one or not. Technical skills are important. But it’s the social skills that set the true professionals apart from the rest.

2) Value added services.

When you hire a photographer, you may wish to find out about other skills that the photographer may have. For example, you may also need video services or someone to help set up a wedding website. If your photographer can do that for you, it will save you the trouble of having to coordinate between different service providers. The photographer will be working with the same materials anyway, so it makes sense to hire the same person to do the work.

3) Customer reviews.

Check out some customer reviews on the website. If possible, go to wedding forums to read more about what others have to say about their experiences with the photographer. You have to be discerning here though. Even if you read a bad testimonial given by a customer, it doesn’t mean the service provider is an unreliable one. Check out the customer profile as well. It could be that the photographer had served an immature customer. Usually, mature couples tend to be reasonable about their demands. Hence, you are more likely to read positive reviews from this customers belonging to this age group. But if you see a plethora of negative reviews across the board, you must be extra careful when hiring.

4) Information request.

Finally, if you have any questions or problems, send an email or call the photographer to see if he or she can help you out. Professionals always take the time to help solve any problems that the customers may have. Through the contact, you will be able to tell whether the service provider has handled your inquiries professionally.

New Orleans Photographers – A Good Source For The Best Pictures

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

The city of New Orleans which has a breathtaking architecture and several landmarks has become a great place to get married. You want all of the events including your wedding to be artistically photographed by a photographer with a unique eye and professional work ethic, then you should work with a local experienced photographer who understands the city to have the most special wedding pictures.

Thousands of individuals flock to New Orleans to get married every year. New Orleans has had marriages in venues such as the French Quarter courtyards and Garden District mansions. It also has several rooftop garden terraces with breathtaking views of the city. Perhaps you are someone who wants to get married on a steamboat. If you do so, you could also have wonderful live jazz at your reception.

The city also has many world-famous New Orleans restaurants and charming hotels which can be a great place to have a wedding reception or dinner. No matter what you like about the city, it can be a wonderful place for your wedding..

When you are preparing for your wedding, your guests can tour the city. New Orleans has more tourist attractions than what is in the French Quarter. There are several premiere museums, such as The National World War II Museum, Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Confederate Museums.

There are also several art galleries, fantastic shopping points, lots of small shops for all budgets mixed in with great little eateries, and antique shops. You can also take the tour of the Victorian and Georgian homes and then visit the grand mansions and estates of the Garden District.

Your wedding and all the events surrounding it should be captured by a quality lensman. Selecting a photographer for your wedding is almost as important as selecting the location for the big day. Photographers are often booked months in advance, so it is important to schedule early. Also, your wedding photographs will be close to your heart for years to come; hence you should be sure that you select the lensman who is right for you.

Hiring a local photographer is recommended for all those who get married in New Orleans. It is important to hire an experienced photographer who can capture the beauty of your wedding with camera lens. Take the time to interview, check references, and sometimes spend a bit more to get a trained and qualified photographer who can make your memories last forever. Most importantly, hire someone with complete knowledge of the area and an understanding of the rules and guidelines to be followed for taking pictures at public places or of historic importance.