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International Moms Club – Grow With Photographers

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

The International Moms Club is a great way for a photographer to serve this demographic. MOMS stands for “Moms Offering Other Moms Support.” As the name suggests, this is a group of the key photographic demographic who offers advice and recommendations one to another. A photographer who is willing to approach these groups and invests time, energy and a recommendable product can greatly increase their business by partnering with a Moms Club chapter.

One way to serve this group and become known to its members is to offer to teach photography classes on photographing children as one of their activities. When you do teach, don’t turn this into an overtly marketing class where you offer a couple of simple pointers and then spend the rest of the time talking about the virtues of your services. Teach a class with the level of substance and organization that you would expect from a paid seminars.

The question often arises, “but if I do that, won’t they just take what I taught them and take pictures of their own children?” Indeed some of them might do just that; however, experience shows that the implementation learning curve for the effectively shooting of children is steep. Many Moms will recognize that right away and decide the rational choice is to take advantage of your expertise by hiring you. Others will attempt to shoot their children and realize another photography truism: It’s almost impossible to shoot your own children. Your own children just don’t respond the same why the do to a stranger. They complain more and focus and listen less. After a few attempts many of these Moms will soon be searching for your number.

Once you have taught a few classes and shot a few quality sessions for Club Mom members, offer print credit to Moms for offering referrals. Since, this club is based on the concept of Moms helping Moms (including recommending quality professionals), you should see a high referral rate ratio with these clients.

Focusing on your key client demographic in your marketing efforts can create huge dividends. Marketing to International Moms Club International members is one way to focus on that demographic.

Photography Course in International Institutes

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

There are many institutes which are providing different photography courses and digital photography courses for international students. With the growing need of educational institutes, countries like Australia, New Zealand are attracted to international students. These institutes provide different courses and accommodation facilities for students. The quality of institutes can be determined by the qualified staff and the courses they are offering. For joining the international colleges and studies you can apply online from the websites. The digital photography course is getting very famous, many of the institutes providing online free registration to international students. The use of latest new technology to teach the students digital photography and the use latest equipment by these institutes are major attraction. The use of computer technology can customize and enhance the results of the images. Photography is an exciting industry that is why it is getting famous worldwide and many colleges and universities offering different photography courses. The digital age of photography has established a need for new institutes which offer quality photography course to international students. For learning the photographic skills you do not need to have expensive cameras, most standard SLR cameras are good enough for this purpose.

While studying abroad in accredited universities and colleges which offer photography course is a good way to explore new opportunities in the field of photography. The exposure of traveling to different attractive areas and taking photographs of natural environment makes this career more exciting. The famous Australian desert is very attractive to photographers, the natural scenery and different species are best for enhancing there photographic skills. These institutes offer accredited courses for photography which enhance your skills and teach how to become professional in the field of photography. The photography course is the attractive field for many of the people, with more and more learning opportunities. The qualified and professional teaching staff at these institutes offer all the knowledge required to learn the photography and photo imaging course. Many students from all over the world prefer to study in Australia for affordable and quality education, and the complete professional environment. Students from all over the world prefer Australian education over other countries. There are hundreds and probably more than hundred photography courses are available online, but the professional university education in Australia is preferred by many students and photographer which have keen interest in photography. These institutes also allow you to submit your photographs and images to professional teachers for review.

Most of the professional institutes have the highly qualified teachers which will provide you constructive criticism of your work. The fee for joining the photography course with accommodation is nominal in the Australian institutes. The classrooms are well equipped with latest technology and computers. Before joining the courses, you need to read all the requirements and rules by the institutes.